Goodbyes and Hello!

Woohoo! Academic year for 2016-2017 has finally come to an end! All the madness of chasing students to hand in their assignment to writing reports and on top of that, preparing them for concert day. >.<  It was cray cray!

Students will be going back to their hometown or changing to other schools. I’m gonna miss my favourite. 😦

Meet Khoo Anqi! She’s so cute and smart! It’s our lovable and best student. She’ll be going to other school. 😦


And Awab, smart and humble boy..


And the siblings from India, Ankita and Aditya. Both are very open minded and principled.


Not forgetting a colleague of mine, Ruth will be ditching her contract and have a better life. haha.. I’m gonna miss messing around with her and her laughter that’s more like a scream. 😛

Celebrating Lee’s Birthday! 😀


I made news friends! I’ve been attending City Light Church for the past 6 months and joining them in their cell group.

One of our cell group member has tie the knot and invited us to their wedding.


These are a bunch of fun yet crazy people to be with! Starting to love them and going out for meals!


Let’s side track a bit..

My parents and I made a last minute road trip to Ipoh due to the long weekends. And guess what? We invited Dominic! Woohoo!

The goal of this road trip is to eat dim sum in Foh San. After that, we don’t even know what to do but the usual. Eat tau hua, buy some noodles and take a walk. It was a hot day so we didn’t really visit the mural paintings.

Here’s some pictures of us! 😀


It was a short yet fun trip although we didn’t do much and got caught in traffic on the way back. Oh well.. :/

Alright, that’s all I have from now! Bye!


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