Till We Meet Again

Look at this face!


I’ve known her since she was a kid. We seem to bumped into each other during piano class whereby I will have to wait for my sifu to finish his class while Alyssa will be waiting her teacher. I remember when she was a kids, she ‘looks’ arrogant but a sweet little girl. haha…

As she aged, her piano teacher decided to pass her down to my sifu and carry on her classes. But my sifu isn’t able to tolerate her poor sight reading and was handle down to me to teach her instead. Haha.. (it’s the truth, Alyssa)

I’ve taught her for about 6 years and enjoy every single class with her. We talk, discuss and laugh a lot in class. We were more like friends. We went through the struggle of taking grade 4, 5 & 6 piano exam together but it was fun and we managed to put it through!

Now that her parents has decided to move to Australia, I’ll definitely miss her on Tuesday 😦 There’s nothing much to look forward any more >.< But I guess I will be able to find a smart and fun student like her soon! 😀

Here’s some pictures of us having Japanese meal! 😀




Gonna miss you guys! 😦
Truly cherish the moments together! ❤
Isn’t she cheeky?!

Take care and best wishes!

That’s about it for now. Hope to see you soon either back here or make a visit to see you! 😀



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