Happy Chicken Year!

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

It’s the time of the year where family and friends are back for gathering! So glad to be able to meet up with Joanna!


Joanna had China House voucher worth of RM100 to spend. Therefore, she decided to give us a treat. We were happily ordering, making sure that we don’t go out of budget. We ordered pizza, burger, fried sweet potato and of course, tiramisu cake. I must say, the pizza and burger looks and taste pathetic! Even I don’t cook that much, I can do a better job than that! haha! The only food that I enjoyed the most was the cake. XD

Anyways, thank Joanna for the treat! Love you! Muaks!


My brother bought a GoPro Hero 5 and I must say, I’m enjoying it!!!!! Took some picture of me and my lovely doggie, Princess! DCIM100GOPROGOPR0276.JPG

Isn’t she cute?! It looks like she’s taking a selfie with me! hehehehe


What is Chinese New Year without food?!



I’m never tired of eating steamboat. NEVER. 2 days of steamboat this year was awesome!

As I’ve mentioned, my brother and myself is enjoying the new toy that he bought! Therefore, it’s a good time to take family pictures! Weee!!

That’s all from now, peeps!

Happy Chicken Year! 😀


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