Hello Peeps!

2016 is coming to an end! It’s been a tough year for me as there’s so much pain and sweat working in school. Especially having such an unorganised, annoying yet frustrating head of music department in school. -__-

Didn’t managed to get myself out of the country this year. How sad. Next year, I hope I’m able to visit many places! 😀

There’s lots of pictures to share with you guys. Here’s a few!

Sports Day

Here’s my first sports day in Fairview. It’s so different from what I usually have in my schooling years.

Have you seen small kids at the age of 8 marching? When you look at them, you just cannot resist laughing. Why? Cause when they march and say, “Left! Left! Left, Right, Left!” and their foot goes the opposite of what they say. Haha! We tried correcting them a few times, but some of them keep repeating their mistake. So, yeah.. Leave it for now. XD

Natalie and Akshat won a medal for telematch! Yay!!
Ahh… She’s so cute.. Loving her so much!

Our team, Jupiter did not win at all ever since Fairview started in Penang. Yellow team has always been the last placing. Lots of our student lost hope and just let it be. But this year, with our captain, Ms. Lilian and Mr. AJ kept encouraging and pushing the students, we won!!! Woohoo!! Mr. AJ is the art teacher and he’s very creative. Therefore, he managed to get lots of props done and ornaments for every students to wear. See that little antenna on my head? Yup, that’s his idea. 😀

Mr. AJ, myself, Ms. Lilian & Ms. Eswari

So, that’s basically sports day event in school


Trinity Award’s Night

Every year, I’ll be helping out with my piano teacher on award’s night. Glad that everything went smooth!

Here’s a picture of us during cleaning up!

From left: Kristine, Joseph, Jessie, Everlyn, Rachel, Carol, Raymond

Right after the event, we went for supper in Black Kettle.

Loving this picture so much! 

Credits to Kevin for the nice shoot and editing on the spot for us! Woohoo!


And look who came back?!!



Got to take this medication at least 3 times a week.


Last day of first semester

Usually, the last day of semester, some of the students will be transferring to other school or they’ll go back to their hometown.


Introducing Mikael. He’s so excited to perform for the very last time with his peers! And he’s so handsome, caring, understanding and loving! Let me tell you why I love this boy!

I had back to back classes on Thursdays.  I started off with Grade 9, which is the hardest class to handle and they dislike music. Moreover, they go against teachers and talk back. I was very upset with them the other day and I just let them be. Right after grade 9 class, grade 2 was next. I went to get the students and Mikael saw me with a sad face. He came to me and said, ” Ms. Rachel, are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said. He went on, “You seem sad.” He took his pencil box, filled with lots of keychain. He took out one of the keychain and said, “Here, have this. This will cheer you up.” I was so touched when he said that! I had to hold on to my tears! I told him, ” Thank you, Mikael. But I think you should keep it cause I believe it’s valuable to you.” He said, “Yeah, it is. My mom bought this for me.” A simple act kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person’s life.

Now that he’s going to Australia with his mom, I’m gonna miss him! 😦


Here’s out little princess, Janice. She’s sweet but yet, complains a lot about her friends. She’ll be leaving us too. And those 3 pretty ladies behind? We are the music teachers! Teehee!

Alright then, that’s all I have for now! Till next year!

Happy New Year! 😀


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